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 Equine & K9 Massage

Rejuv-A-Horse is an equine & K9 holistic service that offers equine and K9 massage to horse of all ages, breeds, and disciplines.  It gets its name from rejuvenated; which is defined as to make (someone or something) look or feel younger, fresher, or more lively. This is just how your equine & K9 friend will feel after having a day of pampering.  

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  About Me


Kelsey received her Bachelor of Science in Equine Business Management from Post University in Waterbury, CT. Along with her B.S she received concentration in Equine Massage, Hoof trimming and Therapeutic Riding and is a PATH Certified Instructor 

 She studied equine massage in college and received her certification in Communication Through Equine Body and Mind Integration. This means she learned Equine locomotion from a natural horsemanship perspective. Addressing the psychosoma connection of movement anatomical and behavioral, myo-kinesiology, and rehabilitative pattern work. She also learned equine sport massage , myo-facial release, energy work and structural integration

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Rejuv-A-Horse is the best equine massage company that we have worked with to date! Kelsey was fantastic to work with and you could tell the difference in the horses and ponies even after the shorter 'rainbow' massage! I can't wait to have the blue ribbon massage on our horse the next time she comes to Triton Stables. She is such a professional and was so easy to work with. After the rainbow massage, we took home Champion, so it was definitely worth it! The horses were so relaxed and happy after the massages. Thank you Kelsey! We can't wait to work with you again!

Our horses have never felt better! Thank you!

Jon G

Kelsey did an amazing rainbow massage on our sweet mare, Tiki, at the recent Triton show in Durham. Tiki loved it so much that she excelled in all her classes. It’s a no brainer and I highly recommend giving Kelsey a shot. She will be part of our show routine moving forward. Thanks Kelsey. 

Kristi, Maya and Tiki!

Anya S

Wondering if massage is right for your equine or K9 partner please contact me and I would be happy to discuss further. Check out the next page for more information about the benefits of massage.


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